Slate: The Battle for Florida’s Jews

Slate: The Battle for Florida’s Jews

By Dave Weigel

This forces the 22nd to choose between Democrat Lois Frankel and Republican Adam Hasner. Both are Jewish. Both were born in New York. Hasner came to Florida with his family in 1975; Frankel arrived in 1974. The Democrat, who’s 64, was elected mayor of West Palm Beach after leading the party’s diminishing delegation to the state House. Hanser, 42, helped Marco Rubio run the growing Republican majority. She spent half the campaign running against West; Hasner spent half the cycle running for U.S. Senate. And now they’re in a race where the Israel issue is a wash, hard for a Democrat to lose.

At a forum last week with Jewish voters, Hasner tried to win it anyway. “I was one of the first in the country to say, ‘No more money to a Hamas-led Palestinian Authority,’ ” he said. “ ‘No more money to a Muslim Brotherhood-led Egypt.’ ” And when “the Democratic National Convention decided to remove Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, I asked Lois Frankel to join me in recognizing that this was a bipartisan issue. She remained silent.”

Frankel, whose New York accent has never been softened, laughed that off. “Mr. Hasner, I hate to admit this,” she said, “but I’ve been supporting Israel for longer than you’ve been born.”

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