Frankel Surges Past 285,000 Calls and Knocks, Recruits over 200 Volunteers for GOTV

WEST PALM BEACH, FL —Yesterday evening, volunteers for Lois Frankel’s campaign for Congress made their 285,000th call to voters in the 22nd District. Over the next 7 days, the campaign projects volunteers will make an additional 100,000 phone calls to voters.

In preparation for the next 7 days of Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activity, the Frankel campaign has recruited over 200 volunteers to make phone calls, canvass their neighborhoods, and distribute campaign literature at voting locations.

Across the district, Lois Frankel’s grassroots campaign is showing results in the early voting returns. This weekend, the first two days of early voting, approximately 57% of voters in the 22nd District were registered Democrats.

“We’ve been building our grassroots campaign for over a year,” said Lois Frankel. “Voters here share our vision for South Florida — creating jobs, investing in infrastructure and innovation, promoting public education, protecting and strengthening Medicare. In the next 7 days, our incredible volunteers will knock on thousands more doors and make thousands more phone calls to remind people how important it is to vote.”

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  • Debbie Ott-Bowe says

    Lois was my Jail and Bail chairperson for the American Cancer Society for several years. She worked tirelessly to make one of the top priority events a huge success. I would never have achieved my fundraising goals without her.

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