Frankel and Hasner meet for Second Debate on Sunday: Will Adam Hasner Distort the Truth Again?

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – At last week’s Palm Beach Post debate, Adam Hasner distorted the truth and misled voters about his record.  Below is a fact-check of five Adam Hasner statements that misled South Florida voters.

Adam Hasner Oct 17: Debate Fact-Check

When asked about his vote on a 2010 bill that would have mandated ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion, even in cases of rape, Hasner said, “Those aren’t the facts.”
Fact Check:  Adam Hasner voted for HB 1143, a bill that would have mandated that women, including those who have been raped, would have to obtain unnecessary and, in most cases, invasive ultrasounds before having access to abortion services. Florida House of Representatives, HB 1143 (2010)

Hasner:  “I just don’t believe that increasing taxes are the right way to grow the economy.”
Fact Check:  Hasner has embraced Mitt Romney’s tax plan, which would burden middle-class households with higher taxes to pay for tax cuts for the rich. ThinkProgress, 8/29/12

Hasner:  “I believe we have to responsibly reduce spending.”
Fact Check:  Adam Hasner’s budget is far from responsible, and supports cutting money from vital programs and investments. The Ryan budget would cut over $5.3 trillion that would go toward repairing our nation’s crumbling infrastructure and providing students an affordable, high-quality education, and would end Medicare as we know it. Washington Post, 8/12/12

Hasner:  “[Obamacare] does raid $716 billion today to pay for the expansion of health care coverage for others and it takes it from programs like Medicare Advantage and others.”
Fact Check:  Not one penny will be taken from beneficiaries under the new health care law. Rather, the system would achieve savings by taking excess profits from insurance companies and provides more paying patients to health care providers, allowing them to lower costs. In fact, seniors will get additional benefits like preventive care and prescription drug coverage. Washington Post, 10/3/12

Hasner:  “That’s why the bipartisan plan I support is one that saves and strengthen Medicare for current beneficiaries and more importantly transforms that program and protects [it] for future generations.”
Fact Check:  There is nothing bipartisan about the Ryan plan to end Medicare, which Hasner has called “bold.” Senator Wyden has disowned the plan, as has Clinton expert Erskine Bowles.  There is not one Democrat in Congress that supports it. Oregonian, 8/11/12

Will Adam Hasner continue distorting the facts at the next debate, this Sunday? The voters deserve better than debunked attacks and half-truths, Mr. Hasner.

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