Congresswoman Lois Frankel Statement in Support of Hillary Clinton’s Homeland Security Strategy

WASHINGTON — Today, Congresswoman Lois Frankel issued the following statement in response to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s speech delivered at the University of Minnesota in which she detailed her domestic counter terrorism strategy.

“Today, Hillary Clinton once again proved that she is the candidate with the deepest experience and the strongest judgment to protect our homeland and lead our allies in the fight against terrorism. As America searches for answers after the San Bernardino attack, Hillary Clinton unveiled a clear strategy that will bolster our …

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Lois Frankel to Rally Women Voters With House Leadership

Based on her years of advocacy for Women’s Rights, Congresswoman Lois Frankel was invited to join Leader Nancy Pelosi and other Democratic House Leadership on bus tour a from Seneca Falls, New York to Chicago, Illinois to discuss the “When Women Succeed, America Succeeds” economic legislative agenda. The agenda proposals include: equal pay legislation, guaranteed paid family and sick leave, more affordable child care, a higher minimum wage, and stronger protections in the workplace for pregnant women.

“Regardless of what degree or job they hold, women …

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Frankel Announces Third Quarter Fundraising Effort

West Palm Beach, FL — Congresswoman Lois Frankel (FL-22) announced she raised nearly $120,000 in the third quarter, from July 1 to September 30. On the year, Frankel has taken in about $686,000.

Frankel serves on the Foreign Affairs and Transportation and Infrastructure committees and is also co-chair of the DCCC’s WomenLEAD program.


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Frankel Amasses $500,000 On the Year

West Palm Beach, FL — Congresswoman Lois Frankel (FL-22) announced she has taken in just over $500,000 this year. Frankel added $122,000 to her campaign coffers in the second quarter, which ran from April 1-June 30.

Frankel, who serves on the Foreign Affairs and Transportation and Infrastructure committees, also co-chairs the DCCC’s WomenLEAD program.

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Frankel Starts 2014 Cycle with Strong 1st Quarter, Takes in Over $385,000

Frankel Starts 2014 Cycle with Strong 1st Quarter, Takes in Over $385,000

West Palm Beach, FL — Congresswoman Lois Frankel’s campaign announced she raised over $300,000 during the first quarter of the 2014 election cycle and collected a total of more than $385,000. The total receipts of $385,000 includes a refund credited to her campaign from the 2012 election.

Frankel is starting the 2014 campaign in a strong position, with a solid showing for the initial reporting period and having retired campaign debt from her 2012 victory. Frankel has over $330,000 cash on hand. The Federal Election Commission …

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Congresswoman Lois Frankel’s Statement on Allison Tant’s election as Florida Democratic Party Chair

“Congratulations to Allison Tant and Alan Clendenin on their election as the new chair and vice chair of the Florida Democratic Party,” Congresswoman Frankel said. “After a spirited and hard-fought race, it’s time for Democrats across the state to come together and unify around our common goal of improving the lives of Florida’s families.”

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Statement from Congresswoman-elect Lois Frankel on Tragic Shooting in Connecticut

“I join with millions of people in our nation and around the world to express my deepest sorrow for the families and friends affected by the horrific shooting tragedy in Connecticut.

“While there is no magic wand to prevent these kinds of occurrences, there is no time better than now to take steps to strengthen gun safety laws. Now is the time to heed President Obama’s call for ‘meaningful action’ to prevent tragedies like the mass shooting Friday at a Connecticut elementary school.

“This isn’t …

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Representative-Elect Lois Frankel Stands Shoulder-to-Shoulder With Israel

WEST PALM BEACH, FL — Today, U.S. Representative-elect Lois Frankel made the following statement affirming Israel’s right to self-defense and condemning Hamas’s terrorists attacks against Israel:

“I am deeply concerned by Hamas’s relentless missile attacks on Israel and the potential for an escalating conflict in Gaza. Israel is our best ally in the Middle East and one of our strongest allies in the world. The United States rightfully stands shoulder-to-shoulder with Israel. I condemn Hamas’s attacks on Israel, and support Israel’s right to self-defense.

I am grateful …

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Frankel Surges Past 285,000 Calls and Knocks, Recruits over 200 Volunteers for GOTV

WEST PALM BEACH, FL —Yesterday evening, volunteers for Lois Frankel’s campaign for Congress made their 285,000th call to voters in the 22nd District. Over the next 7 days, the campaign projects volunteers will make an additional 100,000 phone calls to voters.

In preparation for the next 7 days of Get Out The Vote (GOTV) activity, the Frankel campaign has recruited over 200 volunteers to make phone calls, canvass their neighborhoods, and distribute campaign literature at voting locations.

Across the district, Lois Frankel’s grassroots campaign is showing results …

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Frankel and Hasner meet for Second Debate on Sunday: Will Adam Hasner Distort the Truth Again?

WEST PALM BEACH, FL – At last week’s Palm Beach Post debate, Adam Hasner distorted the truth and misled voters about his record.  Below is a fact-check of five Adam Hasner statements that misled South Florida voters.

Adam Hasner Oct 17: Debate Fact-Check

When asked about his vote on a 2010 bill that would have mandated ultrasounds for women seeking an abortion, even in cases of rape, Hasner said, “Those aren’t the facts.”
Fact Check:  Adam Hasner voted for HB 1143, a bill that would have mandated …

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